Day: January 31, 2014

  • chocolate fixes everything

    Today may or may not be national hot chocolate day. Twitter says it is so it must be true, right?  I don't care. Either way I need this today.


    It's also Chinese New Year. This I know really is true.


    I have an appointment this afternoon with my psychiatrist. I will be able to tell him I am SLEEPING, huzzah! Hopefully no more medication experiments. I just have to be a good robot and make it happen.

    While I'm out I've gotta run around getting a few little things before Superbowl. We've already got the ribs, mostly just need to get milk and salad stuff and hit the fitness center.

    Scott's had a snotty cold all week, crossing all my phalanges I'm not getting it. So far so good, but then I use antihistamines and generally wind up forcing a weird dry sinus infection, so I'm on drinking plenty of water and all that stuff.

    I must express brief surprise that I haven't lost a chicken to the nasty bitter cold temps or some kind of critter or hawk yet this winter. They're being little troopers, and they seem healthy enough. Granted, they've been getting high quality snacks like a little raw burger or canned tuna or smashed up boiled eggs on the worst days, along with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Something's working, because I'm still getting up to 4 eggs a day out of 6 hens even when the temp stays around zero. I don't think commercial feed is nutritious enough to get laying hens through this kind of weather.

    STOP stop stop... I've gotta get off here before all my work ethic rambles out into blah blah blah and unknits my brain.

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