April 22, 2014

  • ultimate bedhead

    I was back in college, squeaked into a class I'd been skipping for nearly 8 weeks, no clue and totally lost but hoping I'd get some direction before the final in 2 days. The teacher was the sheriff from Eureka, and after he dismissed the others early, held me back and asked what was going on. In my attempt to evade both the truth and actual lying, he mistakenly thought I hoped to be able to take the final early, so he sat me back down right then and there and handed it to me... I was so relieved to wake up. You have no idea what my brain would have put me through inventing a final above my own head.


    I've made it past the dry cheerios, yay


    My new chicken blog went live yesterday. I told you they're more popular than I am.


    Also got a lot of feedburner issues resolved in between collapsing back into bed every hour. Did you guys know wordpress no longer supports feedburner? Yeah, might wanna look into that. I wound up pinging every single feed and having to either readjust feed details or reset the burners, and surprisingly had to reinstall my blogger code even though feedburner is a google product. So I'm guessing they updated the service, something changed, blah blah. Always something to suck up my time. But I liked it. I had post-puke brain, gave me something to latch onto and the hours just blurred by me. Probably knocked off my subs, sorry about that.


    Guess I need to join the living again and do some laundry. Dreading the fridge. Went and bought all these neat veggies and suddenly couldn't prepare them, now I can't bear to even look at them. Not sure what I'm going to eat today, already pretty tired of cheerios. You know you're still puny when the thought of chocolate turns you green, so no hot chocolate. Heeeyyyy... just occurred to me we have burrito food around here. I could have been eating baby rice. Wonder how this tastes.


    All righty then, looks like my brain is back on, time to pump up some jam and go wrap it around stuffs.

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