June 19, 2014

  • fractal vertigo

    I had no warning Monday, was awesome flying around getting stuff done zip zip, laid down for a short rest and within a few seconds was so dizzy I couldn't even get back up, had to roll off the couch and crawl. We all know what that means-

    -yes, I haz booger brains.  photo 6wha.gif

    I know better. I have how many different kinds of allergy meds and an unopened bottle of saline mist, but I had a z-pack for sinus a couple weeks ago and then got LAZY and slacked off on my vigilance, even though I've never seen tree pollen on the windshield this far into summer before and my neighbor is gone and his lawn is waist high. There could be buffalo in there, but at least that's better than all the chemicals he normally pours over his land all year. I'm actually starting to worry a little, hope everything is all right over there. Click this if you want to see more buffalo.


    So my little earballs are about to asplode, my bwainz iz all gooey and shorted out, and weird stuffs iz floating through my little robot head, while I'm facing a big deadline. I drove to town in my helicopter (sure felt like one) and sat through a mild rebuke, only for the pharmacy to claim they never got the antibiotic script fax. I'm way too scattered to hang around Walgreens with nothing to do but shop (I bring home all kinds of surprises when I'm goofy), so I just came on home. And my phone just alerted me the antibiotic is ready. I really can't wait for transporter pads in every home like Isaac Asimov and so many others dreamed up. For you city people, that would save me 10 miles one way.


    There is only one way to unglob the sticky mess in my brain so I can function enough to do something useful- that's right, stats. Let's see what's going on in here. For a dopey, practically unlinked and severely mobile-unfriendly little junk blog, my teensy numbers are oddly spiking above average this last week, what's up with that???


    This blog really hasn't done too shabby for being kind of a joke. I'm actually surprised at this all time summary. I don't use categories or tags or anything, I don't ~try~ on this blog. And yet I get this pretty little spiky chart.


    Seriously?  photo 7surprized.gif Guess this proves it's not a lone stalker or someone in my family, lol.


    So anyway, I thought it might be fun to check my Lexx blog visitor countries. (This is more like it, a cult fan blog that is very link, tagged, categoried, and cached.) Let's count them.


    26 countries since I installed that particular stat counter in February. My last stat counter had over 50 last fall, and the built in counter before the server migration had over 80. Isn't this a great way to do booger brain maintenance? I feel like my brain has a six-pack because I'm always using it. Whoever is throwing things at me, stop it before you break your computer. Numbers and charts were made for aspies like me to play with, like Risk meets Candy Crush. Bet you wanna go check these out, just click.


    Ok, where were we? Right, I was actually about to get up and make a salad a little bit ago but I sorta got stuck here. Before I go, I wanna slip in a public THANK YOU to my beta readers, who recently surprised me with coolness that made me feel really good. "It's all a part of your evil Vulcan robot plan, isn't it?" and "This is a huge undertaking and I think you are really doing a good job. I would say I'm proud of you for doing this but I don't think proud is the right word to use since this has nothing to do with me. Maybe saying I admire you for your strength in doing this is better." The first one feels like a sister, the second is something I'd give nearly anything to hear from my mom, but she's gone, and I appreciate it so much from both of these people. I very rarely look for encouragement in anything I do because I usually only care about what I think of what I'm doing (aspie...), but I still need it once in awhile like everyone else. Yeah, this one is hard. If what I'm building could look like a fractal set to music, perhaps it would be something like this.

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