Day: January 7, 2014

  • ahhhhh

    THIS is what I was needing.


    They have finally got me sleeping through most of the night (back on zyrtec), except this last night I broke free around midnight and sprung joyfully forth and did my favorite thing for about 4 hours- wrangle with code stuffs and talk to myself. I have really missed talking to myself. I've been so twitterpated that I forgot what it's like to just talk to myself instead of the whole world.

    The suckiest part of sleeping so much again is my pain levels going back up. I *like* waking up a lot so I can move around, because when I lay still too long my muscles lock up and then I wake up with ridiculous headaches or unbendy places, and then I spend my mornings dropping things and lurching about in sexy ways.

    I laid awake thinking earlier about how life would be in this amount of nasty freezing cold if we didn't have electricity. I'd probably already be dead. Or extremely vile in a putting Uncle Fred in the stew pot kind of way because he be crazy and we be scared of his ugly ass and if he's going to be useless bringing home something to eat then we eat him. I'm rather practical that way. I also thought about the critters out there surviving this. Uber sux. I mean, if I get snow headaches and my knees ache in the cold, what do they get? Mean, that's what. Survival of the meanest.


    So today is a whole new year of surging forth, and it begins with getting the dishes done up again, but not before I enjoy a little fry bread and dig around in the laundry a bit. The rest of the day is about organizing the rest of the week and month and year into priorities and goals and creating a new hierarchy of lists that will help me shake off this malaise and get me moving in a real direction again. Spinning wheels isn't my thing.

    I grew up south of Durango and saw the Silverton train when I was a kid, and this kind of weather reminds me of trains, so this music popped into my head. Seems apropos.

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