February 22, 2014

  • scary late night movie social and stuffs

    Yesterday's post was too long. Today is power point.

     The best way to handle passing a gallstone is not to eat the junk for 2 weeks beforehand in the first place.

     I moved 400 pix off my phone yesterday. I plan to move at least 500 more today.

     It's been ten years this weekend (last birthday today, last day Monday) since my sister watched her oldest daughter die horribly in a lot of pain from severe swift complications in a big hospital.

     Scott and I are setting explosives in our bedroom before we go shopping for a new dresser.

     I'll let you guys know on twitter if I run into any spiders.

     I'm actually wide awake already at 5:45 a.m. but I wanted to use this cute little gif.

     And we start the morning with the laptop abruptly overheating and shutting down right after that last one because I didn't have the cooling table fan plugged in. I can see a quick trip in to the Geek Squad for a fan fixin in my future.

     Just filled the crockpot with pork roast and brats. Tonight is #scarysocial Pandorum on Chiller and #latenightmovie in chat with the gang. I love all you guys. But I love my best buddies the most. 

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  • I told my facebook friends to just accept that I'm going to act like an emotional mess of crabbiness this weekend and that if they ask "What's wrong?" I am going to either ignore them or go off on them. I tried to tell my hubby that same warning and he asked "Why?" Ugh. We've been together 2 years and he hasn't gained enough insight to know better?

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