Day: January 10, 2014

  • subprimordial ooze and brain slicking

    This is the sort of day where an eyeball clings desperately to its orbital rim before it squirts out like a pimple and sticks to a wall. I'm not into cold sharing. Scott started this, and I'm not happy about it.

    Funny side effect- my brain is super zippy and gogogo, apparently benefiting from all the goop up there making everything really slick. Intellectual scream sports, if you will- ricocheting off skull walls, rebounding off the coils, hilariously zapping synapses for maniacal giggles. Can tell I'm not gonna get any work done today if I don't get a big grip and slap myself around. If I'm having a headache it's kinda lost in all the other nerve reverb slinging around. I had to chunk some benadryl down, body was getting too excited and wanted to start itching. Noticed that started up *after* I took this morning's zyrtec, so I'm really hoping I'm not having an over reaction to zyrtec because that would so suck. Not eating anything for awhile just to be on the safe side.

    This is what all the broohaha was about this morning in my status update on facebook about accidentally downloading someone's entire photo album when I right clicked on the avatar. I LOVthis woman's photo. This is a woman you do NOT want to mess with. *I like her*.



    I may never again get to color my hair since I'm coming up allergic to everything. I always wanted bright blue hair. People tell me to get a wig, but I get hot too easily, I'd be ripping it off.

    Been putting off cleaning floors again, and now the temp is going up, snow's melting, supposed to rain the next few days, gonna be sloppy. I'm a little OCD about floors, so I'm not letting myself look down too much or I'll wind up doing that and nothing else, and all for naught. If I were more bendy, yeah sure.

    Time to get creative, I've cooked up the last of the raw meat in the house this week. I still have frozen prepared food and canned salmon, all the fresh veg is gone, unless you count onions. Scott brought home milk and bread last night, so he took tuna sandwiches to work. I'm not going to know what to do first when I finally get outa here and go grocery shopping. Oh, yeah, nearly out of all the cheese, too. Still have 4 dozen eggs, lol. We're pretty egged out. I used 13 eggs yesterday making boiled eggs and pie. Kinda thinking spaghetti might be fun, but just remembered I don't have to cook supper for Scott tonight because he's going to try to work till around 10 pm or something. They got hammered with orders all through holidays, probably companies wanting to sink some of their money into inventory before the new year. And I've skewed wildly with my free associating right into taxes.

    Moving along. Need a PLAN. Thinking about tackling a post about the Dark Zone because minimal research and pressure and I can boing in and out of this chair every 5 or 10 minutes doing other stuff like clean bathrooms and won't lose my place or momentum. I've already spaced out so badly just doing this that it's taking half an hour. FOCUS. >=l Need focusing music.


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