Day: January 17, 2014

  • nightmare smooshing

    56 views on my Walking Dead post in the first 19 hours. This one's going to be fun to watch.

    Another stress dream, this one was all the SnarkAlecs worked at Kohl's and I went back to work there, had blown up into the size of the mall and was *shredded*. I spent my whole dream WORKING- cleaning out fitting rooms, retagging, slinging freight out, plus my breaks were screwed up. The good part was I found one perfectly pink towel and one cool pink throw quilt with awesome moving scenes like flowing rivers and Japanese trees waving in the breeze, both on a 75% red tag sale, but when I went to buy them on break I found out someone had stolen my wallet and I had to go in the back and put them on hold, except the back had turned into its own bazar of people milling around because Corporate was branching off into a multiplex of international offices. Somewhere in all that I finally got off work and had to help someone round up and catch escaped chicks with all kinds of cool feathering I'd never seen before. I don't know what chickens represent in my dreams, but they are often feathered so beautifully in the coolest patterns that I wake up and wonder how nature didn't invent that stuff.

    So. Busy night. I'm bushwhacked, lol. Just glad it was work nightmares instead of something worse.

    When I worked at Kohl's our store was the highest traffic store in the nation and they kept trimming floor staff until we were at a third of the crew that I started with when I was hired. I was very, very good at my job. When I left there and went to the Branson Christmas shops they had to completely retrain me because customer service there was so very different. We catered to the rich who would come in and see a 10 foot fully decorated tree and take pictures of it from every angle and then just purchase it, thousands of dollars of pricey collectible ornaments that had to be taken down and individually wrapped in paper and boxes. Was cool working there, but if I were rich I wouldn't waste my money like that. I'd more likely be paying off people's medical bills or something.

    I'm getting nowhere fast today. Gotta stop spinning my brain in one spot and get it going on a project. All this rambling is a good sign that I might get a lot written today if I focus.


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