February 10, 2014

  • I suck. I blame global warming.

    Two years ago today I nearly deleted ALL my Janika Banks stuff after deleting all my Lexx stuff except my empty Lexx blog. It's complicated. I still feel bad for doing that. Besides losing my own artwork that I can never get back, I deleted stuff I was hosting for other fans. Bad me! 

    This is a bad time of year for depression- winter has been long, spring isn't here yet, people are worn out, and this year especially money is getting really tight across the U.S. because heating costs. (It's all I can do not to talk in twitter mode, bear with me when I do that. I'm thinking about writing a little book in twitterese.) We may be running out of propane this week ourselves, and the office isn't taking calls or voice mails. We don't know if they are just out of propane or that swamped with calls. And it's one of those things where our prepaid has run out (which usually lasts well into spring or even to summer) and the next fill up will cost around $400. So naturally we're bumping the thermostat down some more, already had vents and doors shut, have been wearing extra clothes and shoes in the house for weeks, next step is stay in one room with a space heater and do a lot of cooking ahead and freezing back so my electric oven will warm up the kitchen a little. Life in the deadly cold snowy woods. It's as quiet and still and dangerously beautiful out there as the storybooks say.


    But I'm doing pretty good. I'm back in robot crush mode. I can't help it. At least I'm still sleeping.

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  • Oh hon, I feel for you. I just paid our gas and electric bill and am terrified at what next month's will look like. Apparently we will be spending our tax refund on stuff like 'light' and 'heat'. Blargh. Make crock pot lasagna that you can eat (you have a dairy allergy, no?)

    Hugs to you lady.

  • Nuts, peanuts, & citrus. ;) Thank goodness I can still handle dairy.

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