Day: January 27, 2014

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    Scott got after me last night when we discovered my knee has swelled a little and commanded me to keep my legs up today. I did something wonky on Christmas week with burrito in my arms while I was getting up from the floor, set off fibro up my thigh on one side and further down my leg on the other and my knee has been a little fussy about walking around, but never really got any other sign of a problem until a couple of days ago finding out I can't bend my knee all the way. Still, no swelling until yesterday, no idea why.

    I'm real bad to ignore pain. I once walked on a broken foot for two weeks before I went in for an x-ray and another time drove myself 30 minutes to the ER after I busted my knee open, the staples I got from that one were impressive. One year was so rough crippling around with severe fibro and health complications that I referred to myself as Mr. Glass. This picture clicks to a character page.


    The daily plans for this whole week will revolve around me keeping my legs up and letting that knee rest. I'll have to completely stop part of my workout routine, obviously, who knows if pushing myself wasn't what made my knee worse. I've got stacks of stuff I can work on, top of the list is Valentine's Day!  Plus all those EOBs I need to file and a HUGE pile of old photos that burrito's mama drug out months ago making scrapbooks, who knows, might get some Throwback Thursday stuff out of that. I'm still slowly plowing through the DVR, so maybe I can get Primeval wiped out this week. And there's always the survey I'm still working on for my bluejacky blog.

    Haha, one or two of you probably said "What about your book?"  I know, I'm awful, huh? haha. I see authors on twitter and in blogs go on about their writing and post a chapter here or there, even ask complete strangers they don't even know on twitter to be beta readers, etc. I'm holding this one pretty close to the chest. Too much that could get wrenched around as gossip and blow up way before it should, and I have to live with all my family, capiche? Even later when I go on to all the cool scifi story ideas that smolder in my brain I'm not going to share much because I'm fearful of being ripped off. Plagiarism is already rampant among journalists on the internet, self publishing is becoming so easy, I feel like I would be a nidiot to post cool thoughts I have, much less the word construction going on around it.

     I've never run into the ideas I'm having anywhere else. Hopefully they don't go to the grave with me, but until I get them out of my head and into your brains, I'll be filing EOBs and watching Primeval.


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