February 7, 2014

  • on fire in so many ways

    Really really really hope this isn't a sinus infection coming on. The inside of my skull feels like it's sorta on fire. And I'm sorta on fire this last week pumping out content on 5 different blogs, and I'm already starting work at 6 a.m. this morning on more. Plus a new forum thread later today for Walking Dead commentary, now that I'm caught up and going to be part of the live watch tweeting. Here is a teaser of what I was doing just a second ago. It clicks back to a website I'll be talking about on my yablo blog when I'm done writing the post.


    Keeping an eye on my chickens this week. So far so good in all this nasty freezing bitter cold, except Amy has taken to the roost and is very reluctant to come down and eat, so I've been feeding her special away from the other hens. She's a blue egger and not been laying this winter, smaller than the rest and picked on a bit, although she's always been spunky and never suffered damage, mostly just snipped at if she gets too close to anyone. She's an odd looking chicken, and I think they don't like that. Here is a first year photo. She looks even bushier and way more freaky now, like she's got double the feathers and is part chicken hawk or something. If she were running wild she'd be roosting in the trees.

    I might have to run this through again sometime, I didn't take notes last night and tentatively scheduled stuff got tentatively changed. If you're not following my twitter and don't have a clue, I'm a Snarkalec Radio groupie. That clicks to the show if you want to check it out.


    I am running to keep up with my head. That is such a nice change this winter. Even with the mini migraine that slammed through yesterday I'm still blazing away, and I'm loving it. I'm still a little glitchy and still have my weird days, but overall I'm thrilled that I feel too busy to keep up with myself.

    Time to WORK.

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