April 26, 2014

  • fun chaotic randomness

    I'll tell ya one thing, after I'm published I won't schedule automated DMs out to new followers on my 'official' twitter accounts begging them to go like my facebook page like the author I woke up to this morning.

    Ok, sorry about that, got me some COFFEH.


    That was so cool I threw it out on twitter immediately. Yes, it clicks. Ok, where was I? Last weekend before vacation. Scott got new tires put on yesterday. Some random packing has begun. We're eating down the fridge, nearly have the freezer bare. I know that's weird, but our electric has gone out so many times here, I don't want to come home to spoiled food because power went out during a storm and stuff thawed and then refroze. I have experience with that sort of suckage. This coming week will be final chores, last of the laundry, last trips to town for stuff. It'll be a really busy week. Oh, here we go, click for silliness and distraction for no particular reason.


    Now go have a good weekend.

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