Day: January 13, 2014

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    Missed taking my synthroid two days in a row last week and put on 3 pounds. Ug. I haven't missed like that in years. Oddly, though, I didn't have near the repercussion I did last time that happened, when I plunged into manic weeping and all my joints hurt.

    Vizify is pushing me to upgrade to premium so I can make a new video. Really? Updating this little thing is worth $39.99? -> It's cute but I was underwhelmed by how little control I had over the editing. Just glad it didn't grab a spider picture. 

    Today is a big follow up appointment from a really big blood workup, stuff we haven't checked since 2012, plus other stuffs we're keeping an eye on. I can already see the test results in my account. As worn out as I got over holidays, there is no sign of autoimmune flareup, yay!!! I've been lightly crippling around for a couple of months and finally getting past it, pretty sure it's all burrito-sitting. She's 15+ pounds now and my hyper reactive fibro takes it very personally when I over work.

    Finally more research coming out about fibro. I was diagnosed before that medical term was even invented, I was so bad, and very young to have something like that. They know now that it's a nervous system disorder, not a muscle disorder. And now they're finding out hot spots can make it worse. That explains why when I sleep too hard/long I wake up with those zinger neck spasms and nasty headaches, my pillow gets real hot on my neck when I lay in one position too long. I'm still up in the air over whether not sleeping well is a potential cause, because it's a chicken or egg thing, right? I'm pretty sure I'd be sleeping better if the nervous system disorder weren't in the way, and they know people with fibro tend to have a brain/sleep problem with the alpha/delta thing. Pretty sure I was born with that. I still think having asperger's complicates it.

    As crazy as Scott got when we went out grocery shopping together on Saturday (first day alone for a few hours in two months), I mean llama meat??? I still need to pick up a few things after the doctor today. Haven't been to the fitness center since November, need to get a routine back on that. Last winter I was at like a workout level 3 for something like ten minutes on the nustep, this fall I was up to workout level 5-6 for 20-30 minutes. I'll have to do a test run and see where I'm at today. Those things are a life saver when your feet hurt real bad (yes, I actually get severe fibro in my feet) and can't walk for exercise.



    Might have to pick up a new mouse, too.  Tired of fighting with this one.

    Last year at this time I had a pregnant daughter puking in my house, nasty pain, lupus flare up, and other extremely stressful extended family issues. Today I look back and think how awesome it is that my mil has called me maybe 3 times in the last 6 months because she's ever so blissfully not speaking to me or something (longest ever in 20 years- she's next door), burrito is on a regular daycare schedule because her mommy has an awesome job, the other family issues seem to have settled down (at least where my involvement is concerned), and I'm finally actually SLEEPING more every night than I have in the whole 20 years I've been in this house, yay! My new year is starting off pretty good. Can't say the same for Scott, he still gets the phone calls day and night and still dropping everything he's doing to fix other people's problems, and I'm watching him age and drag around taking care of all that on top of ridiculous amounts of overtime, and there's not much I can do but feed him good food and keep his clothes washed up.

    I'm also thrilled that we finally tossed an old stereo system that fried out two years ago. If I ever get rich I'm going to have my systems put into the walls so they won't sit around looking like techno junk.

    OH YEAH! Vacation! We're scheduling out our Houston trip, looks like May, and I'm doing so well this year that we may drive instead of fly, which means we can take stuff to the kids and do a little shopping. I think the first weekend in May we'll be in Dallas to see Holly and hopefully have a little mini SnarkAlecs meet up. (Disclaimer- I am not part of the SnarkAlec Radio team and this would not be an official meet up, just want to meet some fellow tweeps.) Last May I met Dan 'Theologian' from Xanga in Dallas, was way cool.

    This is way too long. Time to buzz my brain and get to work before I have to leave.


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