March 20, 2014

  • #aspienado

    Being randomly followed by very political Muslims in other countries with disturbing photos in their feed is a little unnerving. I'd love to point out that "Jennifer Annistton" (sic) is none of those pictures of women naming them as local businesses in the music category, and none of the women look like music artists anyway. I wonder if Jennifer gets freaked out. Maybe this is why Brad left. I may as well continue this free associating into saying I'm loving Tosh's 'season of Brad', I don't care what anyone says.


    I was up and down through the night with writing compulsions. I may have linked this before, but if you really want to see how I am when I'm writing, this cute little story hits that nail right on. Click the pic to buy it, go here to read it. Click here to see it in a previous post.


    I can't believe my official accounts have been up for two months already. Man, time flies. Finally shoved the CSS through a grinder yesterday and just flung darts, so my dotcom looks a little more settled now. Not crazy about the hidden area turning purple because it looked so sleek in black (like a cave, right?) and my black buttons were super awesome in there, but now I'm thinking about turning my buttons purple. Pink and blue make purple, so the social deficit anxiety progression growth is logical (my pinterest is pinkybluejacky with the first pix of me to come out on the internet). (Book coming.) I basically created my own little tweet deck in that purple cave, I could really go wild in there. I'm holding back. Can I fling myself completely off the randomness map and mention one more time that Gary Graham follows me in twitter? I mean, other people do too, but it just means a LOT that he does, not only because he played a Vulcan but because we talked in the past and I really respect the lengths he goes to standing up for principals and getting things done that a lot of people never see or hear about. I'm also already getting aspie support via Kenn Medeiros, and you need to go like his Zombienado movie page on Facebook right now. Proud to say I'm inventing the #aspienado mashtag with the title of this post. Let's make that a thing, and go check out Asperger Experts on Facebook while you're at it, they are rockin the world right now with their #1 mistake breakthrough.


    Ok, already all over the map on my daily planning blog. Making taco salad for supper, continuing the spring cleaning throwing rugs and curtains in the wash, got a couple of beta readers going, and I even dragged out the paperwork I need to fill out and send in to the publisher. Time to FOCUS! >=o GET TO WORK!!!

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