Day: January 29, 2014

  • trade offs- one distraction for another and WORK

    Having one of my trade off weeks. I've spent years rotating positions and alternating busy work with chores to keep several ancient spinal injuries and various other maladies from taking over the neural net with pain yap, and trying to keep my knee elevated more is throwing us all off balance. Lower back is understandable, but this even affects my eyes. I learned long ago during the cranial, trigeminal, and occipital nerve damage that came on during a nasty illness to 'rest' my eyes by allowing them to be lazy and not focus during chores around the house. I couldn't drive for four months, stopped watching TV for three years, took even longer to be able to start reading books again. This is the first winter in years I haven't had to pull the shades and still wear dark glasses in the house.


    But I'm getting close this week because I'm doing way more computer work than I usually do and here we go with the stabby eye pain again. And when the stabbing starts, the watering starts, and then my eyelids maddeningly swell up like I'm getting acid burns on my skin.

    I've already made peace with the steps of frustration that people go through, like feeling pissy because you can't do what you want, wallowing in self pity while the world leaves you behind, all that crap. It's a waste of my time. There is always something else to do and so many other things to think. It's a long winter for everyone.


    Main goal is to keep as much of my regular rhythm as possible. I'm actually sleeping pretty good even without the zyrtec, huzzah! I need to do some kind of workout today that doesn't involve my knee. It's tempting to get all gung ho on it again because it's already kinda better, but I've been stupid before. I can still get regular chores around the house done while I rest my eyes, and a quiet day with nice music is pretty awesome for organizing my brain around all the things I need and want to get done this spring. Just need to be smart about planning it out.

    One little distraction to set my good mood and then I'm off.


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