Day: January 16, 2014

  • it's no better to be safe than sorry

    I've already got my fasting glucose down to 92, huzzah!  I know the tricks. And that was without meds, because I can't do the meds. Getting back on track real fast here.

    I asked for a mullet yesterday, I got a shag. Still have a little hair in my eyes but I can live with it. Looks like this without the hair products, well, right now I have extreme bed head so it doesn't look like that at all. If you like Joan Jett you can click that pic to get to her website.


    Lovely, my internet explorer crashed and now windows keeps running a loop trying to check for a solution to the problem that keeps interfering my other 3 browsers with popups. Happy Thursday.

    Already got filet mignons out of the freezer for supper, grill up a big ol' onion and a pile of mushrooms later in a little butter as a yummy steak sauce we can slather over them. Basil and onion green beans with potatoes and a little bacon for flavor. And Scott is still working on the candied butternut squash.

    Still figuring out my sleep balance, really miss springing forth in the wee hours and getting loads done before 6 a.m. Hovering between 6 and 8 hours most nights now, sometimes with a jet lagged hangover period that leaves me wondering where half the day went. My brain is really fighting this. Last night I woke up twice feeling like I was on the verge of full blown anxiety attacks, which I haven't had in ages, but nothing ever really happened. I'm just not used to sleeping this much. Funny, all it takes now is half a zyrtec and a couple of chewable benadryls for children. Benadryl doesn't normally make me sleepy because I'm so used to it, but zyrtec zombifies me like nothing else I've ever taken. I find that unsettling (and so does my regular doctor) but maybe the psychiatrist will back off now. Really tired of being a guinea pig going down a list of meds that do me dirty.

    I've got three *big* articles I'm working on that I need to wrap up, and a couple of smaller ones. Was hoping to get them all done this week HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I know, even Scott thought that was ludicrous. But yeah, gonna WORK today. I'll eventually migrate back to my Walking Dead marathon, 8 more episodes to go.

    By the way, putting this out on twitter and a couple of blogs again- I don't respond to new followers private messaging me with 'hi, how are you' kind of stuff. I am a pure aspie-Vulcan-Scorpio completely lacking a penchant for mindless chitchat, and that kind of stuff is like getting caught in a sticky spider web because once I get stuck answering vague questions I don't know how to extricate myself and get back on track working. A couple of people have tried really hard trying to get me to personally interact, following me around google+ and facebook and twitter and my blogs, and while I'm flattered at the range of people and geographical locations this is coming from, I really can't answer basic questions about myself a hundred times for a hundred different people. I'm also truly mystified how or why anyone could want to sit at a computer randomly asking strangers how their days are going. Immediate interaction is what twitter is for. Tag me on twitter with @pinkyguerrero if you have things you want to ask me, and that way more than one person at a time can benefit from the interaction. I do have a public email address, but I don't answer those either, sorry. Thanks. I'm preparing for the eventuality of public response with special twitters and a dotcom, but we're not there yet.

    OK! Back to WORK!


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