May 18, 2014

  • cosmic curve balls

    Ah, I love challenges *gleefully rubbing hands together*. Out of state family will be here tomorrow to spend the night, haven't seen them in years. See, this is why I'm not crazy for deep cleaning my house before I went on vacation. It's not perfect right now, but much easier to pick up a bit. And would you believe I still haven't done the grocery shopping we really need. We grabbed meat for the grill yesterday because we ran in to burrito-sit, but other than that, I've mostly been living on eggs and Scott has cleaned out the rest of the stores as the last dregs of the pantry and cabinets went into a little pot of chili and a little pot of creamed fish soup. Ha, that sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? Scott loves it though, it's his favorite soup. He's weird, he likes tuna melts, too.

    The challenge part is I'm going through fibro-lock reverb, muscles very slowly processing through letting go of holding the sitting in the car for 13 hours position. I'm hoping last night was the roughest part and I'm on the other side now. Even if this continues, it's nothing that I haven't handled before, just do everything in slo-mo and don't expect too much of myself.

    In the meantime, the dreams have gotten monumentally stupid when I'm able to sleep a little. It would be tempting to write them down, because they're so stupid they're funny, but the best parts involve people who would probably not be keen on being fictionized in such a fashion. Wow, fictionized is really a word, cool. Just looked it up because spell check is having fits.

    My next couple of days are set, and I need to fold this up and put it away.

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