Day: January 19, 2014

  • battening down the hatches

    Burrito alerts are like weather alerts, you jump on proactive maintenance before it gets here just in case the inevitable worst happens. When we get severe weather alerts I get all my laundry and dishes and cooking done up ahead in case we lose power. Likewise, we got the entire house vacuumed and all the dishes done and laundry folded and clothes on and hair washed by 8:30 this morning, even though we dragged out of bed at 7:00 from a very late movie the night before. I'm learning more and more as I go that the real superheroes on this earth are grandparents. I also feel powerful when I shop nowadays. When my own kids were younger we had to be frugal, and I'm very good at getting my money's worth. I'm understanding now the gleeful joy that grammas feel when they shop for burritos. It's a powerful freedom I used to only dream of.


    I know, whoever shopped that pic should have at least covered up the name. That's Kai from Lexx.

    This is the kind of day I don't plan a whole lot or toss whatever plans I have out the window. At some point today I hope to watch Dylan Knows and then Firefly, but our house doesn't have a single hallway with a distant room to escape to. It's one of those open energy saver floor plans where everything is right there around a main hub, so anything that goes on here we all share, unless it's something one person can wear headphones for, which still doesn't work very well here but has probably helped save this marriage many times. I have pictures of my tangles and piles of headsets scattered across various blogs and twitter and stuff- that's REAL. One year we had 8 headsets in this house, could be even more now. I still currently have 5, I think Scott has at least 3 counting his earbuds. Invest heavily in headsets if you want to save your relationship, lol. But my point is, you really can't do that with a burrito in the house. 

    Gotta go. This song is extra funky when you use noise blocking headphones.


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