June 13, 2014

  • Happy Father's Day #devilJesus and all you other dads too, including the zombies

    Never before in my PT history with ASTYM have I asked for a break. After hard negotiations I got a 13-day hiatus. +_+ I think we found the mother of all fibro flare triggers.  photo zombie.jpg Just in time for Father's Day, lol.

    Ok, looking for funny grill kittehs and rebounded off these. The pix click to the pages they came from.


    Wanna see the Walking Dead gang do this.


    And I know this has absolutely nothing to do with grilling so what the crap was it doing in a grill search, but it reminds me of Mike being #devilJesus so there you go, happy Father's Day.


    And speaking of healing powers, I got this text yesterday from my Sploit.

    Just woke up to a really neat experience! I heard a loud whisper say, "Help him!" When I opened my eyes Zurrito was starting to slide down between the mattress and the wall. He was going down feet first but wasn't far away from his face being covered by mattress.

    O_O Yeah, that was pretty cool. I guess we came close to it being a very bad day. That thought alone has made the rest of the day and night since then easy to feel grateful for, so I'm going into the weekend feeling pretty spunky, even though I feel like I was thrown off the Powder Keg.

    You guys be safe around those grills, I know people who have gone to ER for nasty burns.

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