January 25, 2014

  • moar coffeh

    Yes I'm awake. No I haven't slept a wink yet. Yes it's because burrito is spending the night. No it's nothing you can give me advice on. She's like her mama, hyper as an Energizer Bunny hooked up to a car battery. I've said for years it's a good thing these people are so cute because living with them gets pretty rough. 


    So I made coffee at 1:30 in the morning and I'm thinking about getting some work done, because she *finally* conked out on her tummy on Scott's tummy with the Sirius Spa channel turned up. Really hoping Scott gets some sleep now because this coupled with stopping my zyrtec has triggered my own insomnia and I might be pretty useless by the time the party rolls around. Finally figured out the knee, feet, and leg pain I'm having the last few weeks is weird fluid retention, and found out that is considered a more severe side effect of zyrtec, which has been helping me sleep, whee. There's actually quite a shocking list of zyrtec side effects, so I'm glad it's only been fluid retention, although this has been alarming enough by itself. I worked too hard to become sustainably mobile again for something as dumb as zyrtec to knock me back down in one short little month. If you're totally new to my stuff and you're wondering what the heck, that stuff is on a different blog.

    Anyway, starting my new day very early and maybe this is a good time to work on minor fixit stuffs. Let's get something fun going while I work.


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