Day: January 30, 2014

  • parts is parts, and it's not all chicken

    Having one of my typical aspie mornings, basically I'm a hyper focused crabby bitch and it's time to slow down and assess before I tailspin like a Chinese lantern through a crowd of people, which is usually disastrous beyond repair. The only chance I have of not nidiotically blowing up more bridges is to just get off social media *right now*, because BOOM. I think this impatience is a brain chemical fluxing and I hafta ride it out.

    So *right now*, let's see where I'm at. Knee is doing better, despite dropping eggs on the floor yesterday and having to completely bend it AND get on the floor with it. Which hurt. But I laughed. It's so comically stupid when I drop eggs, and they were one right after the other like I choreographed it. The only solution was to STOP PICKING UP EGGS, omg.

    My eye is sorta better, too, the stabby has calmed down to occasional prickly feelings in my eyeball. I used to think little arteries were popping in my eyes because that feels so intense, but it's just a nerve zinging like it licked a car battery or something.

    This is what some of my WORK looks like. I actually have more spirals than this. These travel with me everywhere, and are indexed in that little spiral, because I can't always drag my laptop around, right? Quite a lot of writing has gotten done in waiting rooms and in parking lots, public library when I need a place to hang out away from home, and of course middle of the night and just out of the shower and sometimes sitting on my deck when the weather is nice. Gotta go with the word construction as it flows because I can't retain it for later.


    My monthly goal for my blogs is to get at least one post a month up on bluejacky and fortuna and at least one a week on yablo. I'd like to keep writing for syfydesigns but not sure what direction I'm going next there. In the meantime, time to finalize getting the publishing ball rolling, have some paperwork to turn in and not sure if the artwork will hang things up because I might need permission for some it it, and I'm already bracing for a head butt with final edit over my style and unique approaches to communicating in print. I'm sure they'll let me do whatever I want, but you never know when another department doesn't get the note and jumps in to do their job. Whatevs. Here's the deal- I find proofreading problems in Terry Pratchett books, and he's one of my all-time top fave authors, so I know if HE can suffer final print gaffes after all the years and books he's been publishing, it can happen to me, too. And the horrors of it will be that I'm aspie and it will torment me for months no matter how well everything else might go. I can almost give myself a headache just thinking about it.

    ~*~*DON'T THINK ABOUT IT*~*~

    What I do need to think about is what's for supper. And what I need to pick up in town tomorrow before Superbowl gets here. And maybe letting my chickens out today because it's finally getting above freezing again.

    I've got this song stuck in my head today.

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