Month: February 2014

  • pleaeaeaeaze

    Anything could happen today. Snow and ice are so iffy that even Schroedinger can't see if I'll be rescheduling my PT appt this afternoon. Best Buy is sending me emails begging me not to forget my $5 reward certificate that expires next week, the Shorty Awards insisted I subscribe to their newsletter, and Klout says I'm holding at 65 and wants to toss me a McD's hot wings perk for being a good influencer.


    I'm never going to catch up with my pinterest notifications. I finally got my pinterest verified so I can view analytics on some of my top pins, but it's looking like it doesn't pick up retro activity, bleah. Sumall is trying to convince me 'reach' means something, lol. I had 3 stats classes in 3 different departments in college. Telling me my retweet reach goes over a million makes me laugh.  photo 17happyrock.gif But if we're out to win a game, yeah, the numbers look cool. Whatevs.


    I need to focus. Last day of February, what am I going to do with it? It'll be like flipping a coin. If I wind up in town, I'll pick up something fresh for supper. If I wind up being stuck at home with weather, I'll make salmon croquettes with canned salmon, how's that?

  • the best years of our lives

    Call it laziness, but I triumphed and DIDN'T make cookies yesterday, huzzah! #bloodsugar #calories

    No idea if burrito is coming back today, but Twittascope is all over me to DO SOMETHING, so the notebook gets dragged around through everything I do.

    My alumni publication this quarter has an 8 page spread on John Goodman receiving an honorary doctorate. I would love to see Kathleen Turner get a spread like that. Goodman overcame alcoholism, Turner made it through severe rheumatoid arthritis. I've always admired both of them.


    Stuff to do! I suck at wallowing. I got places to be down the road, wanna be ready.

    In case that flings you into a crazed web search for original original stuff (ignore this if you don't have a clue), here you go.

  • slamming my brain through the ALP mood grinder

    Got cleared yesterday to start working out again, yay! My knee tracks just fine, but already started deep tissue ASTYM around it because of years of overcompensation, it's also the leg I tore in the car accident. Not surprisingly (at least to me), the real problem is showing up in my lower back with all kinds of asymmetric flex and strength issues I've managed to overcome and hide on my own, so nothing looks off when I walk. Will of steel, evil villain focus. The pain sucked, but I apparently thrive on pain. I think my brain pumps out tons of chemicals that make me feel kinda floaty. I run into brain studies like this one all the time- "The study by a University of Michigan Medical School team showed that people who score high on a personality trait called resilience – the ability to adjust to environmental change – had the highest amount of natural painkiller activation." Hafta wonder if that's why pills don't work right on me.

    Other tests are still ongoing and inconclusive. This is a rough vid, don't watch it.

    Today I'm slinging laundry and tearing the fridge apart. Woke up to 15 degrees and my phone says it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Scott is working half a day and then bringing burrito here because the babysitter's kid is icky sick. Crossing my fingers she isn't carrying the germs already and bringing them here. Might be a long day in an already very long week in a super long month. Might need to make Scott a cookie today. If you missed it elsewhere, his boss announced yesterday he sold the business and change is gonna happen really fast. That's on top of burrito's mama's work announcing her entire department shut down the day before, and on top of me being on cancer watch again, on top of the roughest ten year anniversary my family has ever been through. So. Cookie.

    Queuing up my antidepressant.

    I'm good. I've already been through so much stuff in my life that I know I'll be on the other side of it soon, still going. Just gotta stay hyper busy.

  • rich with eem

    Got an awesome annual fee deduction from Photobucket for being a beta tester. I'm sure I drove them crazy.


    Scott is taking off half a day to go to this dr appt with me.


    I don't feel like talking to anyone but I'm going to try to keep myself super busy with house chores and a couple of write ups.


    No one knows where my head is. Some place really dark. I've been here before. It's not healthy, but neither is handfuls of pills.

    LavendarIceCream......................................   RapperBran

    Sometimes surviving means you cross a few lines.


    In another place and time, I am rich with eem.


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