July 5, 2014

  • a statement about twitter (boring, don't read this)

    This post is an intellectual exercise in discipline to keep me working through a challenging week. Engaging the mind is the same as engaging the body. Some people like to work out to relax, I like to organize my thoughts and diagram sentences in between many little chores through the day. I have worked extra hard this week for holiday and burrito-sitting, so I need uninterrupted transmission synch, i.e. something to proofread and produce that isn't part of something vital. I may as well blather on in a stultifyingly boring way about business.

    Part of my growth plan on twitter is listing. I can sort followers with serious mission statements into appropriate lists, which helps others find them faster. The idea is that people who want to be found will follow me because they want to be organized for easier finding. This is working better than I ever intended. I've also noticed I have a few hard hitters on some of my lists, even direct competitors, and I'm grateful they continue to follow even after I have listed them, which is the polite thing to do, and it means I can grow my twitter organically as opposed to puffing up my numbers purchasing followers, like some people feel compelled to do. Besides supporting them with my listings, I also occasionally retweet for them if I find their tweets conducive to the atmosphere I cultivate on my own timeline. I'm also pretty good about retweeting for people when they tag me, within reason.

    There are others, however, who haven't quite caught on that it's spectacularly rude to use people to get free rides if you're using twitter to make money. This is particularly gauche when genuine accounts (as opposed to spam) actually keep an eye on when they get followed back and then drop back off to keep their own following numbers down. Many tweeps are thrilled someone 'big time' followed but fail to notice it wasn't for long. In my case, some of these professionals have noticed their peers making it onto my lists, and quickly hop onto the follow bandwagon to get listed, and then hop off within 24 hours of getting listed so they can keep their own following list trimmed down. I've experimented with this phenomenon, sometimes waiting several days before I follow back and list just to see if they really do track that closely, and it's becoming annoyingly predictable which ones will do this.

    There is one that I listed and they unfollowed within the day, which I had a feeling would happen, based on their low following/follower ratio, so I unfollowed right back AND unlisted them. This is my usual course of action, and most of them don't even noticed they dropped back off my lists, which cracks me up because they thought they were the ones outwitting me. This one, however, noticed very quickly, and refollowed me, I assume with the thinking that they'd get listed again. I'm one to experiment and toy with tiny minds, so I ignored it, but watched. That account unfollowed and refollowed me three more times trying to get my attention  *wow* BUT that account has never once retweeted anything of mine, nor has it attempted to interact with me at all. It keeps kicking my door thinking if it kicks long enough, I'll automatically put it back into lists and then fail to notice when they unfollow again. This aggressive persistence at utter rudeness is almost inspiring me to block. What's really sad is that they have a solid business mission that I could easily get behind and support and would be useful for a lot of people, but there's just no way I'm sending them incidental traffic by naming or linking them. I don't care how many followers a twitter account has, I don't care if they are celebrities or rich CEOs, I don't care if what they offer is something I am personally interested in, if they can't bother supporting me back in kind and rather choose to go out of their way to be obnoxious to me, *poof* they disappear from my field of vision. It's just very unsportsmanlike, if I may borrow a term. Yes, you may assume the account I'm speaking of is 'someone' or 'something' compared to us wee folks.

    I have goals, and everything I'm doing on twitter is me getting ready for much bigger stuff. I'm hand picking my gangs, my crews, my teams, and personally filtering and vetting the people I hook up with, no matter how remote or vague the connection. People who give me crap will keep going *poof*. We won't even notice them disappearing. That business accounts are already becoming this demanding while I'm still such a little person means some of them can see what I'm doing and where I'm heading with this, and they want in on the ride. I have stated on some of my blogs that I will NEVER ask for money to share links, but that doesn't mean I pile people on for free just to fill up an index page. The money I intend to make will come from sales, not rent space. This doesn't mean that following me on twitter automatically gets anyone listed for free.

    I have posted my own mission statement here. I originally wrote it on June 29, 2013 and posted it in a private blog. It might seem dumb, but I'm very serious about it. If you'd like to read it use password mydogatemyhomework. I wrote it so I would have focus for my twitter account. As an afterthought I'd like to add that not long after writing it out I invested another $2000, and that everything I planned comes from observing other successful people on the internet. I followed Wil Wheaton on twitter nearly from the start with a previous twitter account and watched him build and move his empire around, I've been watching Chris Hardwick since the old G4 days and was elated watching him sprout and take over the world, and I've watched Jenny Lawson ever since Wil Wheaton linked her picture of him collating. These people are internet royalty because they got where they are pretty much on their own hard work and wits, and that is exactly what I intend to do, too, although I'm probably going in a different direction.

    I think it's important that we care about one another enough to have a little courtesy and respect, even with strangers on twitter. I think it's important to keep negativity out of my life and my way. I have no interest in faking my way through anything or impressing anybody. If someone irks me- *poof*. We won't even know about it, even if they're SOMEONE and have tons of followers and know all kinds of famous people. But I might pull a Wheaton and write a blog post about stuff. He set a precedent so it's ok. I just won't name names. *poof*


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