Day: January 22, 2014

  • things to do, places to go, people to bug

    Dang, 8 hours nearly straight through last night. Ready to start some trubbas.


    First things first. Must jaunt into town and see what they couldn't put into my PO box. Monday was a holiday, so whatever it is had to sit there. Then I need to spend quality time on twitter this week, have severely dropped my numbers and Sumall is super cranky with me. Twitter has been very useful for watching real time traffic, so definitely need to keep that party going. Sometime today I wanna scope out a good survey to start on for bluejacky. Years ago I was chided for 'wasting time' on surveys, well guess what- 5700 hits on one survey isn't wasting time. I've been experimenting with driving traffic via linking and hit my all-time traffic high last year with Shop Till You Drop last May. I really haven't had the spare time for surveys since my girls successfully passed their DNA along, plus other goings on, but it's time I got back in my groove. I was really rockin it this time last year.



    Yeah, you wanna know how I got 5700 hits on one post when those charts don't even total up to that. The 5700 came from Xanga's internal trackers, those were direct hits from search engines. The charts are from sitemeter, not the best tracking in my opinion but I like the cool charts and world map. Sitemeter moved to new servers in another town roughly about 18 months ago and I lost tracking for a couple of weeks, then Xanga moved to new servers 5 months ago and I lost internal tracking completely, which I hope comes back soon. Basically, the discrepancy you see in the trackers is that site meter doesn't catch near the hits Xanga used to, they have a lengthy explanation as to why, but mostly their filter is so aggressive that it chops out everyone who breathes funny, so all the new browsers and services just point blank don't show up, although the world map still looks pretty cool. So yeah, that last survey I did was showing up in search engines all over the place because of my linking and tagging, and now that Xanga has migrated to WordPress I'm going to start adding categories and see just how much traffic I can drive again. I have always gotten excellent visibility with Xanga. I'm hoping they don't adopt WordPress site stats because those are pretty lame in my opinion, too. WordPress will show off to you how much spam they blocked, but then NOT count the rehits from people who really like your stuff and keep coming back, which would be good to know if you're trying to evaluate what sort of content pulls the best traffic. I WANT people to rehit. Just counting new traffic is only counting the stumble ons, as it were.

    This is my last 100 bluejacky visitors. If I paid I'd be able to see 500 like I do on my Lexx blog.


    And don't fuss at me about there are other trackers out there. ~I KNOW~. If I could build my own tracker code I would.

    Finally finished the Walking Dead marathon yesterday. I stand by my 'why the crap does no one ever KILL the governor' stance, after all the regret they go through. That show is genius for pointing out every flaw in humanity during survival crises, but I beg to argue that homo sapien sapiens didn't survive the Ice Age and everything since then for naught. Humans are genetically coded for tribal survival, and although I'll agree that throwing a psycho into the mix has both stimulated and decimated histories, we're not seeing a realistic response on the Walking Dead to that psycho. I'd have shot the man so many times by now, especially if I were standing behind him watching him massacre his own people, so the real dogs in the show are the people who *didn't* kill him when they had the chance. Really wish they hadn't killed Merle off so quick, two psychos going head to head would have been awesome.

    Ok, need to FOCUS!!! >=l Gonna be one of my 'free associate and get hung up on minor details' days, very aspie of me. Got things to do, places to go, people to bug on twitter.

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