Day: January 20, 2014

  • when red is blue

    Last night's dreams were pretty cool. Xev and Red the M&M were blog bombing websites and waving to people from inside the blogs somehow. I first ran into them on the nurture and support site, which makes sense because I'd spent several hours yesterday rearranging widgets and rewriting link codes on my homemade clicky buttons for my right column on my yablo blog and that podcast site was one I had just linked. Only Red wasn't red, he was this weird black/white affect that was bluified, so he was like an antiquey blue/white. My head does neat things like that all the time. I'm one of those people who can interchange pieces and parts of visuals in my head like a computer does, and I can do all kinds of neat things with music, too. It's a shame I can't get any of it out in some way to share, it's all stuck up there. I'll never be one of those savant artists or musicians because it's all trapped. Best I do is photoshop stuff. This is one of the first things I ever made after I got internet.

    Today is busy, hafta leave the house in a little bit and do things. I really cranked down last week, turned back into a writing machine. I know not to assume I can keep up the momentum, but it's glorious while it lasts. Even now I'm noticing little memory problems that I've lived with for years resolving little by little. I've lived every morning not being able to remember the morning before going on ten years now. That's probably why I'm so into blogging, I can look back and see my memories.

    Plan today is pick up a few things for this week's meals while I'm in town, check my PO box, and maybe finish up the Walking Dead marathon in my DVR. I feel like I'm ahead since I did so much code work yesterday during football and already tagged 3 pieces for Monday Blogs this morning. Got hits immediately from doing that, so I know it works. I think today is all about having a fun, happy Monday.



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