Day: January 12, 2014

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    I'm tossing around a week/month plan in my head, knowing in all likelihood that simply planning it out will utterly jinx it. This has happened so many times. I make the coolest plans, I get an awesome week of good weather and clear calendar days coming up, and sure enough, every time I'm all set up to work in optimal conditions the phone calls start rolling in, dramatic crises from multiple directions uncannily on cue like I'm a cosmic target and the universe is gleefully toying with me. My biggest work challenges have nothing to do with my own health problems or writer's block (which I NEVER get) or even my own self distracting me, but other people panicking about minor problems that they build up to monumental tsunamis in their heads. So if I make a solid work plan this week, I can be assured it WILL be interrupted so continuously that I wind up getting the work done under all kinds of consequential stress.

    So this plan isn't about making a schedule, but simply very briefly sketching out a few ideas rolling around in my head that I'm excited about and really really really wanna get done in the moments between whatever crap hits the fan in other people's lives.

    I spent an hour and a half on the phone with a published author a couple days ago and part of the discussion was zombies. I'm not a zombie fan, but she is, and since I'm halfway through The Walking Dead marathon and feeling unsatisfied with it, I had a golden opportunity to bounce a few ideas off someone who has done a lot more thinking about zombies than I have. And I realized during the discussion that I actually have a LOT of experience in thinking zombie stuff because of Kai, the undead assassin from Lexx who is animated by protoblood.

    I've already started work on an article tentatively titled The Dark Zone and the Cycles of Time, which I wanna get a little sciency in, so now I've got this cool idea for an angle on a Kai character post that I'm going to run with as well. I've been told by several people lately not to overthink stuff, but I'm aspie, I was ~born~ to overthink, that's my JOB. And part of my job is to make stuff even cooler than they already are, because that's how I see things. I'm not into dismissing bad story writing for knee jerk emotionally shocking action scenes, and there is where my other idea to write my Walking Dead review for Syfydesigns is born.

    Someone out there is going "but what about your book?" Here's the dealio. I don't talk about even a quarter of what's going on in my life or my head, and most of you have no clue. I'm working on several books RIGHT NOW, I'm constructing multiple blogs, I'm a nonstop workaholic even when you don't see me doing stuff on the internet. A friend was surprised the other day when I suddenly got all techy in a facebook post the other day. I think that friend saw me as a happy go lucky bumbler until that post. I've worked hard to cultivate a much friendlier public me this time around because I don't want to be alone while I work. You guys will be seeing the *whole me* before this is all over.

    The real question is not 'what about your book' but 'what are the variables and probability matrices that will force me to navigate through all the quantum causality popping up around me'. BACK TO WORK.


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