Day: January 9, 2014

  • Z-bombed

    I cannot wake up this morning. Technically I've been up since 4, so 3 1/2  hours of rebounding off door frames and crashing hard on the couch in spite of 2 cups of coffee is a little ridiculous. So different from boinging out of bed at midnight 2 days ago.

    Zyrtec is turning me back into a zombie. Z-bombed. Zombed.

    pink-sleep-mask-with-eyelashes <- click to see more

    Finding that happy medium between insanely severe insomniac and sleeping 12 hours a day against my will is gonna be ~fun~.

    Ran into a Christmas present yesterday while I was working on my chore list. I've got to do something about being so shockingly negligent of my own kid. Last spring I missed her 30th birthday, which is bad enough without also her being in her 30th week of pregnancy that week. And she mentioned it several times, I had plenty of notice and still utterly epic parent failed as this milestone passed without a card or even a phone call, despite me having stuff I'd intended to have mailed out well ahead of time. And I did it again. So I opened her Christmas present yesterday and plugged it in for a marathon just in case I missed any of season 5 of The Big Bang Theory. I have become my mother.

    Don't worry, she got gift cards and cash and a ham and a giant can of popcorn, I just didn't remember I actually hadn't sent her present that I'd bought weeks earlier.

    I used to have an impeccable memory. I miss it. Oddly, I don't feel that guilty. I'm trying to. I think I'm looking at it more like she'll be getting a time to pay taxes present. Cool, huh? I'm a cool mom. 

    It's more like I'm long distance brainwashing her burrito. The kid's first TV experience all through nursing and teething is The Big Bang Theory. She says he stops everything he's doing to listen when the opening theme comes on. All those big words going into his brain...

    Lurkers who stalk me know who my fave Big Bang Theory character is because it's in one of my bluejacky surveys. 

    Part of my z-bomb fun is this burrito's name starts with Z. 360fx360f


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