February 19, 2014

  • ain't gonna lie or beg

    I feel like I'm turning into a mole, so far behind and buried that I'm digging digging digging trying to reach a surface again.


    Really long day in town yesterday but got a ton of stuff done, including spending an hour in the world's suckiest waiting room getting a piece of paper for my tax guy. It's the little things when you live as far out of town as I do, like taking an online purchase back to Penney's, or making a special trip across town to pay annual box fee, or winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time and something is closed for some odd reason, but most of the list is done now and my brain didn't even fall out this time, woohoo!

    Long before I ran into the SnarkAlecs, I was watching stuff like this. Click it for a review. I love the opening song- "Our love festerrrssss like an open wou-ou-ound..."


    And that's how I get off track very first thing thinking about brains.  photo 6wha.gif Where was I?

    I guess I did a good job of shredding my knee while we had burrito the week of Christmas, and then I stubbornly kept trying to exercise on it all through January, finally figured out I was making it worse and backed off, so at least the swelling is gone now. Doc says if physical therapy doesn't make this better though, next step is appointment with orthopedic surgeon, and we all know I'm very not keen on intrusive invasive anything because lupus response and diabetic healing, right? I mean, I'm in great health now compared to the last few years, but if I'm the one tearing my knee up, then I need to be a good girl and let it heal. I'm trying not to think of the *cough* $200 *cough* I paid to my fitness center last November...

    So today I'm making a big pot of settler's beans and stripping the bed for laundry and working on 6 different projects that got scattered after I was suddenly nominated at the last minute for that Shorty Award. I know it's a waste of time because I'm nowhere close to winning, but it's fun, right? And besides, ever since I was admonished a few years ago for 'wasting time' (#46 in this survey, which has had nearly a thousand views so far, stuff that in your face and chew it), I realized that I get more DONE in the time I waste than more people do in days. Here, have some eye candy from another survey.

    Do you believe people from other countries are sexier?
    Any time I feel like something I’m doing on the internet is a complete and utter waste of time, I think about the lengthy thesis I found on what is wrong with Bradley James having facial hair (he is outrageously good looking either way, I don’t see the problem with it) and continue with what I’m doing.

    At any rate, it'll be fun to look back and say Hey, I was IN the Shorty Award nominations.  photo 14hoppy.gif

    Ok, seriously off track again... This is what happens when I don't hit my personal blog for 3 days, I sit here organizing thoughts like people 'organize' old photos, you mostly make new piles and go nowhere all day while you free associate. So this is my work mode today. Time to move on.

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