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    I've had a fan going out in ye olde laptop all summer. I've still got it on the little cooling table, but one of those fans is going out, too. I've been supplementing with an awesome face fan Scott found and it worked great for about a week, but slowly over the last few days my keyboard has been reaching melting point in fewer and fewer minutes until startup itself has become a nuclear risk. Time for a date with the Geek Squad.


    Did you know that the Black Tie service means you never sit on hold on the phone? It's not the same plan as your hardware protection. Some people get that mixed up. I also have a specific protection plan on my Toshiba that means it gets a free ride to wherever it gets worked on, free parts and labor, free replacement (I think) if something terrible happens to it. Like car insurance for my mobile office, lol. I know this sounds extravagant but since I save all kinds of money on makeup, salons, eating out, and drinking (because multiple allergies and I don't drink) I have all kinds of amazing money for my tech. I call it a fair trade off. My tech is actually bigger than this, but it's feeling nostalgic (and a tad jealous) with all this back to school shopping going on.


    I've had this mobile office since 2009, supplemented with my mobile secretary since 2012. They make a good team.


    Time to get my day organized. Imagine how much I could get done if my head worked this well.

    If you liked that, there are more animated music machines here. Have one more, on Pinky Robot.

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