May 9, 2014

  • back to earth

    Scott is the hyperest guy I know, but he finally hit his wall. This is the first morning he hasn't jumped out of bed by 6 and run down to continental breakfast for real coffee. I offered him hot water and a coffee bag at 7, but he's still in his sleeping shorts. I hit my wall yesterday around 2:30 at the Johnson Space Center. It's the kind of fatigue that sometimes precipitates flare up if I don't rest and hydrate. Our days have been running around 8 hours long, so maybe we can cut that down a bit today. We're getting a little tired of the hotel room, too, but at least we have a nice bathroom. Saw this space toilet at the Johnson Space Center yesterday. I'm starting a NASA board on my pinterest, so that pic clicks over.


    Would be awesome to see fans cosplaying as STNG characters standing by this.


    I think our biggest challenge so far on this vacation is finding a tiny "Texas" t-shirt or onesie to take back to burrito. She's getting something from NASA, but it's weirding us out not seeing Texas. We come from a huge tourist/college area and are so used to seeing Missouri merch everywhere to buy, guess I just assumed the whole world was like that. I've got a "Where the heck is Nixa" tee from our local Walmart, thought it must be a thing. Oh, well, right?

    I need to get moving before the maid knocks. I'm in a hotel owned by people from India full of employees who speak only Spanish. I thought it was cool yesterday being surrounded by tourists at NASA speaking everything but English. That's the most international experience I've ever had. Ok, get up and GO.

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