Day: March 25, 2014

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    I've had stats up long enough now to see that my Lexx blog is definitely going to pull ahead. Tomorrow I'll go pro on my stats package, I'm liking the details I'm seeing. I've had Pinky stats since Feb 18, fortuna since Feb 22, and bluejacky since Mar 5, after having no internal stats at all since Sept 1st and the super glitchy site meter stats finally going back up around the holidays. One new thing with this server migration is now I can see the spam being filtered out. I got nearly 3000 spam hits on one blog post at fortuna in the two months right after navigation came back up, so I can really appreciate now what my stat counters filter out. The only way I got it to stop was to turn comments off on posts over 10 days old, another nice luxury with this server migration. Anyway, the old sweet feeling is back, seeing my Lexx peeps popping in to look around.


    That map is a little misleading, only shows most recent. This is the compilation of countries so far in the last 4 1/2 weeks. Before the server migration I logged 36 countries on one post and over 80 countries on the whole blog. Once in awhile I get a real treat when I get to see someone overseas in U.S. military comb through every Lexx film review post like they're watching the movie. I know some people think what I'm doing is dumb, and maybe even a waste of time, but there are Lexx fans out there feeling blue and missing the good ol' days.


    Yesterday started out pretty rough and then just plain got hard through the afternoon, but I pulled it together and got that phone call with the publisher done, and might be doing another one today. I'm always amazed how much I get done on my roughest days. One of my thoughts about the evolution of life is that misery drives us on, we either curl up and die or keep seeking relief and comfort, whether it's through activity or changing location or finding nutrients. I think humans are pretty mixed up about that nowadays. Used to be easier when people literally had to kick some butt to make it through every single day. The reason our world population is booming is because we make it so easy for people not to die off from ennui and depression nowadays. If you have nothing else in your life, there is still cheap sugar products and alcohol. Take that away and watch people either get up spitting and ready to fight or lay around melting into the earth out of despair. This one song got me through some pretty black stuff in my younger days. Time to get to WORK.

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