Day: March 5, 2014

  • it's been 7 years

    Remember that Pepsi commercial? Starts at 7:30 on this first one.

    Back in the day I had several myspace accounts crammed with my fave youtubes. I didn't know back then how to rescue them before they disappeared. Most of my favorites are dust in the wind now.

    Full circle. I've watched Hillywood from the very start.

  • chuis bo

     photo 25lovecoffee.gif The hardest part about getting up in the morning is when you've already done it 4 times and it's only 6 a.m.

     photo smiliespider.gif Talked to a couple other chicken owners about the severe lack of spiders this year and how we had wanted to get pictures of those gigantic webs spanning 20 feet between trees and down to the ground and stuff last fall, but the chickens apparently wiped them all out. Funny how we're all so disappointed.

     photo palmsun.gif Not looking at the snow outside.

    Here we go, fun activity for when I take breaks. Click to play.


     photo music.gif Time to work!

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