Day: March 27, 2014

  • nerdtastic doesn't get my breakfast made

    Throwing on the brakes a little, boinged outa bed going six directions. Nice to see this kind of energy but it's about to be exponentially wasted if I don't commit to a single direction or two. Starting six things means nothing if I finish none of them. So regroup in the Pinky blog, let's tackle the crucialest question first- what's for supper? Went down to the big freezer in the basement and hauled up a 6 pound Boston butt roast to start thawing for the crock-pot tomorrow, maybe tonight will be tuna melts or tomato soup and grilled cheese. Scott's an easy guy to please. Click this if you wanna get lost in the most beautiful grilled cheese collage you ever saw. Might hafta make one for my breakfast.


    Have you guys ever watched Weird Al's White and Nerdy behind the scenes vid? Donny Osmond cracks me up. If you plan a trip through Branson this summer you can check out the Osmonds show.

    Here's the finished one. You guys know Key and Peele are in this one, right?

    The Spock version.

    The Connor Temple version.


    The Spongebob version has over 4 million views.

    One more. I am sufficiently redirected now. Sometimes I have to use drastic measures to calm my little brain down. I don't have a herd of real life friends around me keeping me on track, so I've learned to be self sufficient in the motivational department. I think the key is to get these sprints into free association out as quickly as possible. I never did make that sandwich.

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