Day: March 14, 2014

  • like sugar to my heart

    Today was hard. I can normally handle fasting lab and PT and whatever else when I'm by myself because it doesn't matter how mean I feel, I don't have to talk. Today Scott was with me because his yearly physical was in the same building as my lab, made sense to take one car. The problem with us being together on a day like today was me not having any coffee for a few hours beyond what I'm used to plus his flat refusal to eat ANYTHING until nearly noon because he was so nervous. *wow* In the old days I would have just simply turned him inside out and put him through a grinder after I ate his head. Over this last year twitter has saved him from being my death toy a few times. Today was a little different because I wasn't in the mood for twitter and the guy was clearly too dumb to remember the old days. I let him live. That alone speaks volumes of my personal growth.

    So me with no coffee or breakfast going through my final round of ASTYM on my leg ~I am bruuuuuised~ plus I had a vigorous workout learning new core strength training exercises, and then we picked up burrito and had her for eight hours. I spent my afternoon in wicked caffeine withdrawal on top of that, so of course I didn't get any other work done today. Was really hoping to get that part 10 Lexx post done. I'm past grinding my teeth over surprises in my life. I married into the most spontaneous family on the planet (key fault- neglecting to EAT while their brains fall out), only other aspies could ever truly appreciate me saying I've not yet destroyed anyone in twenty years of this. I'm gritting my teeth and sending myself to bed. After twenty years I am finally sleeping in this house, and as badly as I want to pull an all-nighter and make the magic happen again, I know I have to SLEEP now as part of my commitment to bettering my health. Maybe I can work on it tomorrow while Scott is away at a big draft party.

    I could easily write 10,000 words on the magic of the old days, and how Lexx was built on long dark nights with only Willy Wonka youtubes keeping me company. This is a rescue vid, I think it has truly disappeared off youtube, one of my favorites. It's unlisted because it's not mine, and it looks like there is a copyright block in some countries now, in case it doesn't play when you click it.

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