Day: March 7, 2014

  • what Schrodinger's cat really does in that box

    Scott's boss pulled the company sale off the table, so there's a relief, although we know it may be a somewhat temporary reprieve. For now, though, vacation is back on the table, huzzah!


    Burrito mama has had a few interviews since her department announced a shutdown deadline, fingers crossed. She renewed her lease and we came to an agreement about helping with childcare so they won't have to be homeless again. Third time wasn't the charm trying to make things work out with daddy. Keep moving forward, I say.

    Still technically on watch for another month but so far made it through the first round of cancer testing without scarier news, so maybe I can stay on track with PT and have surgery this summer after we're back from vacation.

    Speaking of PT, that cute little abrupt skiing accident I had in the back yard might have enhanced a few problems. I cannot expound enough on the joys of living without pain meds, but I can say I'm thrilled my years of discipline using pain to super focus my brain worked beautifully yesterday.


    I think I am successfully navigating the choppy compulsion-to-disappear-again waters. This was the very first vid rescue I ever did in May of 2012. It was so brilliantly done, I couldn't bear the thought of it disappearing...

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