Day: March 16, 2014

  • WORK

    I am getting soooo much work done lately. Really liking being back in my cave. I would love if my house was built into a real cave, instead of sticking up on top of a steep rocky ridge. Click this pic to see more.


    Scott and I both said no to a burrito slumber party last night. The 24 hour notice is slipping pretty bad lately, and it's bothering me how little that baby actually sees her mama. Getting too reminiscent of other people we know if we start supporting that. I spent my 30's raising other people's kids. My marriage was consumed with a step child. (Still is...) I can't support weekend flings when I NEVER got them myself. Might be time for me to say something mean again.


    Want to whine about my leg... Still bruised from the ASTYM, several big areas on my whole leg were pretty messed up between the original accident, destroying that ankle with a nasty sprain, and overcompensating for so many years for scarred torn muscles in my lower back that throw me off balance. Plus the severe fibromyalgia and the years of slow damage from oncoming diabetes. You can't tell just looking at my leg, even at my age. I have a nice leg. But inside, underneath the skin, was layers and layers of scar tissue that had to be worked over pretty rough to break down the hardened stiff stuff for all the soft tissues to rebuild, over and over. I went through rigorous workouts after every ASTYM treatment to force my leg to learn better balance and to use the proper muscles instead of the overcompensating. This physical therapy course is over now, but my leg is still healing, and no doubt some time in the future will need more attention. I've got all new exercises to add to my growing core strength training regimen. I can only imagine where I'd be with this leg now if I'd never changed my diet four years ago and stopped the diabetes progression, because I was barely able to walk at all back then. The pain sux every little bit even now. Would I eventually have lost this leg? I keep telling myself pain is good, it means the nerves still work and I can feel and move and use my leg. Someday I want to be able to run again.


    Lotta rain going on outside, maybe snow later. I've got a couple chores around the house, a couple chores on my tech, a little cooking, enough to keep me busy today in between WORKING. I need to stick to my PLAN.

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