Day: March 12, 2014

  • ocarina of time

    The feet post I wrote yesterday is already the third highest hit post on my spaz blog in the three years it's been going. One of the books lined up in my writing queue is everything I've figured out about getting healthy again. I've got 15+ working titles queued, once the first one is done, hoping to roll the rest off the assembly line fairly regularly.

    Alas, plans today have abruptly rearranged themselves. My droid keeps screaming at me that it's got viruses that'll cause imminent failure, so I must jaunt to the phone store for assistance. This started last night from a new twitter follower. I check out ALL my followers, and this one had a nice dotcom set up like an internet magazine for geeks, maybe not quite as polished as a slick professional site rocking money on ad support but still nicely done, and bing, there you go. People who get their own dotcoms going without a clue about protection are the ones who pass nasty germs around. My worst trojan came from an Andromeda scifi fan site years ago. People have been pushing me to get my own dotcom going for years, well, as long as I keep using hosts, I don't have to worry about the maintenance, do I? Last thing I want is for my fans to say I gave them tech herpes.

    I thought things were rough a couple of winters ago when Scott spent all his spare time playing Legend of Zelda, and now I look back on that winter as magical and sane and happy. I fondly cherish the memories of that winter. All the little frustrations- the pony races over and over, the bongo drums over and over, the ice sea, the rolling fire balls, the nasty spider bats... the hope, the discoveries, the beautiful gems.

    My head is a jumble. Sometimes I just need some pretty music.


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