Day: March 1, 2014

  • it's a pinkybluejacky day

    Got a phone call yesterday just before I left the house. More tests to set up, surgery is indicated, the sooner the better. Pretty sure what that really means is "let's take care of this *before* it becomes a bigger problem". No one is saying it's not already a problem.


    Long talk with Scott last night. He told me this morning he dreamed he was holding burrito on a riding mower/blower in the deep snow and wound up on a pond with the ice melting all around him, and his only hope was to go faster, but he still didn't make it off the pond ice before it melted. Pretty obvious we're a little stressed around here.


    In the meantime, ASTYM and new exercises for my knee/leg that is very obviously turning into what the crap is going on with your lower back, talk to your doctor about coming back for that. Can't hide stuff from a physical therapist.


    Late spring vacation, at this point, is totally up in the air. Very much want to keep that on the priority table. I might become difficult to live with if I don't see my zurrito.


    My aspie curl up in a ball and shut the world out reflex is the choice I'm making today. Scott and I have had way too little quality time to ourselves the last 6 months (let's be honest, the last burrito-inspired 16 months), so today is me and Scott day.

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