Day: March 24, 2014

  • trigger happy

    Twittascope nailed it this morning. Casual convo for me is like death lasers if I fail to monitor, and I've already bitten Scott's head off 3 times just this weekend, even though I didn't want to. And it was surprising because I haven't done that in awhile.


    See, if I weren't a scifi nut, my mentality might have morphed me into someone like this. Click to see more. The Hello Kitty AR-15 is jaw-dropping cool.


    But I'm not a gun person, and in the book you'll find out why. There's even cooler pink camo stuff out there (check out the cars and the cakes), but that's really not me, either. Moving on. I've got to get the egg situation under control. I have 6 dozen eggs in my fridge, and normally I do a pretty good job of rotating them, but lately I'm losing track because we're just not using them as quickly as my girls lay, and I ran into a couple of questionably almost rotten ones a few days ago. Not cool. So today I'm going through all the eggs in the fridge and repurposing them into other forms that can keep longer in the freezer. Before burrito came along I did stuff like that all the time. If you think juggling eggs is hard, trying doing that while you're having burrito parties.


    In the meantime, gotta rock out MOAR WURDZ. Time to work!

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