Month: July 2014

  • yay for burrito parties =D

    This is how the spam looks on my 'business' account. Hilarious, isn't it? Been doing it for years.


    I am nice again. Those itchy monitor tabs came off at 2:35 yesterday afternoon. Even though they were the hypoallergenic pedia patches, I still broke out so badly that I had to put solarcaine on. It was almost like having a cross between hives and measles where the gel had been. If anyone wants to know the secret to setting off super aspie hate from sensory overload, just slap those little tabs all over my body. This is a sad story, don't click this pic.


    I feel like a medical experiment myself a lot of the time. Today is all about my thyroid. We should all be happy I'm normal now, but oopsie shooting back up way too fast and two ultrasounds on my thyroid in the last two weeks. I come from the thyroid genetic pit, so this is no surprise. I was diagnosed in my 20's, my daughter was diagnosed by 13 after her thyroid crashed. If you are new to TSH scores, 'high' is hypo (low) thyroid, 'low' is hyperthyroid. Two doctors crashed me off a couple of years ago when I suddenly went super hyper thyroid, still working on getting stabilized. ~fun They called it severe hormone deprivation, and it sucked like that sounds. That sudden slash is the hyper surge, not the crash, which came after my score actually disappeared off the chart. The deprivation crash is barely noticeable.


    After I come home it's all about party prep!

    melons hotdogs

    Tomorrow is a big cookout in a park, so I'm getting everything assembled and easy to do for chili dogs and melons, plus we've already got the chips and pudding snacks and birthday cake and drinks taken care of. Might look for Drumsticks, easy to eat at the park.


    I likely won't be going because new med, sun/heat warning, but I'm sure I'll get to see lots of pix.


    Lots to do, looks like I got my brain in ok, here I go.

  • 50 shades of pink

    I'm taking things way too personally this week because scary stuffs, so the last post is no longer public. My apologies. Here, have a freebie for stopping by.

  • Protected: I'm mean today, go away

    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

  • smash

    Disillusioned. Antsy. Ready to rip someone's eyeballs out. <-- Asking myself how I feel this morning. My doctor changed up my blood pressure meds the other day and I developed a sudden aversion to coffee. My body feels like a network of pouting cells that was handed the keys to a lamborghini and threw them back. Whaaaa????


    I have no idea what's going on 'out here', I mostly just feel better that my blood pressure is back down again, but also feel arrrrg because so much other stuff keeps going on. Scott's mom was transported back to ER from outpatient recovery last night, today is scary procedures because possible imminent death if fail, big ol' nervous wrecking ball rippling throughout the family again. With me apparently on a spontaneous and completely unexpected coffee withdrawal.


    Aaaaaand I've still got my own neverending stuff today, so I'm tossing the day out the window, so imagine my laptop chunking out onto the lawn. It would be more dramatic if it was a pile of papers scattering around and flitting haphazardly across the lawn all day, but it still feels like that.




    My laptop is quivering just loading those pix. What the frell. I searched 'scared laptops' (try that, it's awesome) and suddenly this popped up down there. Arg, so now I have to deal with being legitimately cheered up and distracted.


    Here we go.


    I've wasted enough time, gotta rip around a shower & clothes & breakfast & go screaming out the door. Only a super fandom smash can save this day now.

  • Klingon bastards

    Last week was hard for a multiplicity of reasons, but I noticed juggling chainsaws and eggs is getting easier and easier all the time.


    All the same, my life continues to make about this much sense. It is to lol.

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