Day: July 30, 2014

  • another ordinary wednesday, sort of

    What kind of fun am I having this week so far? Checked out a new Dollar Store and found this cool hat. Yeah, I know, the sequins sell it, right?


    My new blood pressure pill doesn't look like it's going to work out. My brain kinda panics when it suddenly plunges down into the nether numbers and drives it back up even higher than before for the first hour, so I go from like 140/90 to <110/65 real fast and then zoom up to 170/110 before it settles back down and then holds around 116/74 for several hours. My body has always over reacted to calcium channel blockers, and I know this isn't psychosomatic because it happens in my sleep and wakes me up. The worst part is when it feels like all my veins collapse and I blanch super white all over and shiver like I'm in the Arctic for about an hour, so yeah, 5th day on that one, I don't think so.

    My very worst month ever on blood pressure meds was on 2010 I think, my doctor was changing them every week trying to get me under control, 5 weeks of utter hell, one of them made me feel like my heart was going to explode. Finally just fell back to the beta blocker he was trying to get me off of. We eventually figured out in 2012 that my birth control pills were the culprit, and after I stopped taking them my BP dropped so much I had to cut my blood pressure pill dosage in half. I personally think the sudden jump to a new higher default this time is more related to summer heat and humidity and salty foods than anything else, so it just makes sense to be more sensible. I've lost 2 pounds this week just cutting out salty foods.

    This part of the summer is 'helicopter' time, where my head has the sensation that I'm in a helicopter with a hot dog pilot showing off, and no matter what I'm doing- driving, going up and down stairs, walking around- it feels like I'm in a fun house or on a carnival ride or maybe even in the TARDIS. My ears stay full no matter what, and the only way I get through ragweed season without winding up in full blown upper respiratory distress and even infection is slamming handfuls of chewable benadryls. My eyes are already so bad and swollen that I've lost most of the eyelashes around my right eye. I do this three times a year, spring tree pollen, ragweed, and fall leaf mold. I stopped wearing mascara almost ten years ago because it got so stupid, don't dare put anything on my skin near my eyes. They say stay in your house during the worst hours, but that doesn't work when you live so close to a national forest and native prairie flora. This pic clicks to more pretty pix.


    Heading to town early, get my oil changed and pick up a few groceries. Six days till our 21st anniversary and we're just exhausted, so I requested a burrito-free weekend so we can attempt to reclaim a little chore and nap time, crossing my fingers and holding my breath. How I've made it so far this summer without an autoimmune flare up is beyond me, maybe I'm actually getting healthier again despite all the fatigue walls I've been hitting. Oh- it just hit me, Scott's mom is coming home from surgery recovery this weekend, so I'm tossing this weekend out the door, not even going to think about it, just assume it'll be as busy as every weekend since burrito was born. I kind of remember having Scott to myself for grocery shopping on weekends one year... I kinda remember the farmers market... little fuzzy, but I think that was real...

    Got 4000+ words written yesterday, several hundred pix moved off my phone, some to pinterest. Joel from Sumall sent me a nice little email- "You’re one of our star users that’s connected more than 7 data sources to SumAll... *cool stuff here*... If you are interested in learning more, when would be good to have a quick 15 min introductory call in the coming weeks? What # can I reach you at?" lol, no Joel, I'm not upgrading my Sumall. Well, if I hit a bestseller list, maybe. Ok, where were we? Sharknado 2 live tweet tonight, and then I'm going into seclusion again for the rest of the week.

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