Day: July 1, 2014

  • happy fourth of july

    I've made it to July and haven't freaked out yet about missing the Fourth of July, for the first time in 5 years. Been scattered as heck, but now that we're all aware I've been doing this every year, it's been pretty funny. And it is the first time since my mom died that I faced her birthday passing by. My head feels like wobbly jello. Ooh, found a refreshing summer jello brain recipe, click the pic.


    You know what? I've decided I don't care what color the rosette is as long as it's not green. Ran into a beautiful pink and purple version someone did, so I'm not fixated on the blue so much any more. The original on wikipedia is public domain so anyone can use it, but it looks too much like some kind of hell behind a title that has Existential in it.


    Scott's mom's birthday is the day after the Fourth, and since we're next door, the old days are full of fun memories of fireworks and cakes, because I love making cakes. One year a microburst or tornado tail or something skipped over my house in the middle of fireworks and picked me up off my feet while we were running in the dark, thankfully dropped me right back on my knees. Back to cake. One year I made this one, I think this year I'll try to swirl the colors like the box mixes are doing nowadays.


    Ok, I've been trying to get xanga to center pix for 6 months, and now I accidentally do it by attaching an url after I've set the pic. This editor is like a word construction labyrinth. Anyway, here are the camo cakes, click the pic for a happy camper's thoughts about them. I can't haz, because nut & peanuts warnings.


    And if that was super awesome, you can get lost in the fun cake search like I did. Now that I've discovered how to center the pix, I find their sudden leap across the page disturbing. I feel like I need to bring balance back to the force.


    Big week, better get on it. PT today, burrito and PT Thursday, better pull my jello brain together or I really will miss the Fourth. BE SAFE, people!

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