Day: July 18, 2014

  • I brake for ducks

    RT "@Rxxxxx I’m wearing my t-shirt that says “I am a duck” to piss off ducks because who do they think they are?" - I unlisted an author who unfollowed me bcuz who does he think he is?

    I nearly tweeted that. So close. But I hate that kind of negativity in my feed.


    I think I'm going to stop following back anyone whose following to follower ratio is below 3/4. I'm getting way too busy for that head game. I totally get people unfollowing if they don't care for my feed style, but this following to get on a competitive list of peers and then unfollowing is as rude, in my opinion, as egging a house you just got Halloween candy from. It's annoying that it comes from so many professionals, many with like 40K or more followers, yet they can't be bothered filtering their own herd into lists or whatevs. I go to a lot of trubbas finding ways to ignore the masses until called upon. If you understand what I'm about to do here, you get a gold star on your forehead. Seriously, if you think you actually *get* what I am doing right after this paragraph, by all means, hit me up in comments. YOU WILL GET A FREE BOOK AND T-SHIRT AFTER I'M PUBLISHED IF YOU GET THIS RIGHT.


    I want to sell books, too. One day I will have my own Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other merch links, along with an author page hosted by my publisher. If I feel so desperate as to prey on twitter for free promos and then treat people that rudely, I will have entirely too much time on my hands, not to mention be a total jerk. I will be too busy having FUN with my FRIENDS and playing in forums and grinding search engines in my neverending quest to Know Everything.


    I apologize. My pain level is pretty bad this week. So far the tests I'm going through are looking great, but something else popped up *ug* and more tests got scheduled. Doctor told me to stop my pain pill ~again~, so I'm on a 'break'. I'm almost desperate for relief, and nothing is helping, and the merry-go-round we're currently on won't stop for at least another couple of weeks. And then it'll be my anniversary and I'll be face down in the chicken pen and the chickens will be pecking my head.


    We are getting up EARLY and will be out the door before the crack of dawn tomorrow. This is where I start flinging my brain at the walls...

  • so much stuff



    Moar stuff.


    Lots and lots of stuff.


    And now you guys need to get with the most important viral fad on the internet in the last 48 hours.

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