Day: July 8, 2014

  • Narf!

    Thank you, thunderstorm, that was an amazing performance this morning. Now can I please GET TO WORK??? Thank you.


    Not that I didn't appreciate the deviance from routine, got menus planned out, roast out of the freezer for tomorrow, stuff lined up for an awesome soup today, and the rest of the pizza ingredients for to make one last pizza.


    Yesterday afternoon was kinda fun, had a carotid doppler to rule out some other causes for black out/seizure, and the tech doing it said she's had two radio ablations (heart surgery to correct rhythm probs, I had mine in 2K) and she gets super dizzy lying on her right side, too. Neither one of us has any idea if that's normal, but interesting to know someone else does the same thing. She also incidentally noted that my thyroid is "not pretty", which I'll follow up later with endo. I'm not worried, my thyroid's been a mess for decades, runs in the family. I've had carotid doppler before, have had severe brain fog for years and a strong family history of strokes and heart disease, so far I've had the all-clear so I'm not expecting anything amiss. Main thing is count the carbs, because they make my blood sticky because I'm diabetic, as long as I can keep my A1C and fasting glucose down, the rest seems to stay pretty normal. I've mentioned elsewhere that Scott's granny lived to 102 WITH diabetes WITHOUT meds BECAUSE she watched her carbs. It's doable. No excuses!!!  photo bad.jpg


    Notable hit locations coming in from my update last night. Pinky is pleazed. Everyone eat a cookie today.


    I'm writing because it's important. We all need to know that NONE of us are alone.


    Made it through a second round of thunder, seems pretty quiet out there. Everything's all warmed up- fingers *check* keyboard *check* goggles *check* brain *-* brain *-* BRAIN *check!*


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