Day: July 15, 2014

  • little yellow bolts of light

    Today is the big day, she's finally getting it done. I can't tell you how much stuff kept popping up interrupting it, but that's how it goes in the zombie apocalypse, a rare glimpse into my real life self skating around the edge of force choking everyone around me.


    I've turned into a much nicer person since I got my twitter going. Everyone around me can see it. I used to be mean, and I felt mean all the time. Am I going soft? NO!!! This is a cool alternative to de-clawing, by the way, click that pic.


    Scott walked in from work yesterday mocking the EEG glue in my hair, said he had way more glue in his hippie hair after his EEG how many decades ago after a car accident. Yeah, he had a concussion, but he went out and smoked pot immediately after the EEG and can't remember if they did the flashy light thing, but he *thinks* they did. I asked the EEG tech if she had to go through it during training and she said yes, said the flashy light thing was 'pretty'.


    Aspie + (hx)Bell's Palsy + trigeminal nerve damage notequalsm 'pretty'. If you've never had a 'nerve headache', lemme 'splain. There is no pain medication you can take for actual nerve pain. The strobes set off a reaction like every cell in my face was trying to push the light back out, I had mucous and tears spewing from every pore like I would drown if they kept that up. I also do the same thing in the car when light is flashing through trees, hafta wear dark glasses in strong light. I used to get piercing occipital headaches and migraines, thank goodness those aren't so bad any more. But I left out part of the equation. I had to hold a pose for 20 minutes. Severe fibro means the nerves in my muscles are hyper responsive to being still too long, and by too long I mean 5 minutes. Holding still for botched x-rays and MRIs and CTs and whatevs is like arthritis hell afterword. I'm a little pissy with a nasty headache this morning, yeah. Just a little.


    So if anything goes wrong today, as noted in paragraph one, I might be the backup plan. No one wants me as the backup plan today, although I'm totally ready.


    I wrote this yesterday for no particular reason because nothing ever triggers me to write my heart out.  photo 19rolleyes.gif The password is mydogatemyhomework. Maybe it's pertinent because yesterday was the biggest day I ever had on this blog. For some reason.

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