Day: July 11, 2014

  • disciprin!

    People who have never known the joy of living on the edge with the invigorating dangers of nearly dropping everything you touch first thing out of bed have never truly lived. That OH NO moment when you nearly dropped a whole bottle of tiny pills all over the floor again, the careful negotiations getting coffee to the lips, the seemingly innocuous simplicity of just picking up a cell phone before you launch into a wild juggling act- these things bring a refreshing rush of "I'm still alive", much like a bucket of cold water in the face.

    I've stopped eating eggs for breakfast, as you can imagine.

    I once met a much older woman at the fitness center who laughed about eating candy all day long on Thanksgiving. I guess once you hit your 90's you kinda let go and throw it all to the wind. No more turkey and all those dishes and traveling- she enjoyed her freedom with gusto, daring that candy to kill her and bubbling joyfully with her workout group when it didn't. I noticed she didn't seem to have any problems bending and gripping. I noticed I wasn't even jealous. I think when I'm 90 I would like someone around to eat that candy with. If I'm alone, maybe I'll eat a Reese's peanut butter cup and see if I make it through anaphylaxis.


    Not sure I'll get much done today, brain-wise. Woke up with "Matt Lauer can suck it" in my head, then realized San Diego Comic Con hashtag tweets are starting up (my tweeps might wanna duck), so there goes July, and I'll be very surprised if I get anything else done before I go to the dentist this afternoon. Which, by the way, is not traumatic for me. I have a really cool dentist, total nerd, and super tuned in to aspies, lowers the light, wears the blue gloves, lots of breaks, it's cool. Besides, I never have any real problems for him to fix besides an occasional tooth breaking because I grind my teeth in my sleep. You slobs going through root canals and whatevs- BRUSH YOUR TEETH! >=l And floss, flossing is vital. I floss like a maniac. I will tell you a secret though- being on lotsa meds can dry out your mouth and create a cavity bonanza. My worst year I got 7 cavities. That all stopped when I got off pain pills and xanax. You're welcome. Just don't quit cold turkey, cavities are better than seizures and cheaper than other medical emergencies related to pain shock.

     photo dentist.gif

    Aaaaand, I've made it through a tough morning waking up, I'm ready to WORK now, yay!

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