Day: July 14, 2014

  • scaring the straights

    Kinda wondering if I sleepwalked outside last night and rubbed my face all over some ragweed coming in. Has taken nearly an hour just to be able to focus my eyes and read, and every cell in my face is oozing goop and feels like it's on fire. My eyeballs are so slimy I'm not even sure how they don't just pop out like little corks and roll away. Days like these I find all kinds of amusing little things. This clicks to more info on the Slimy Eyeball.


    Most days I make a Plan, at least have a little list, at the very least have a pocket calendar I check without fail. Once again, I woke up not knowing what day this is and it took me awhile to figure out why Scott wasn't in the house. On days like this I know I can trust my brain to fail a few times through the day, and it won't matter what I'm doing and how explicit a note in my hand is detailing exactly what I am to do, I will screw it up. I know today is going to be stupid and I'll be an idiot, but the main thing is to look decently outlandish doing it. I'm wearing my new coffee pajamas in to physical therapy today, maybe I'll just keep them on for the EEG later. Why even change my clothes. We are pathetically out of groceries (my fridge is BARE) because of so much going on last week with Scott's car breaking down and spending hours and hours and hours on that and a couple other things (I counted in my last post, 17 hours *poof* gone, and that's not counting a couple other things I refuse to whine about) and fear of not having enough money this paycheck because all that stuff came up, we're down to a few cans of soup now, so I'm going grocery shopping in my pajamas with EEG glue all in my hair and I'll probably be wandering around like I'm new to the planet, so there you go, that's my day. I'm ready. Well, I still need to brush my teeth before I head out, but basically good to go. They say you're not fully dressed without a smile, so I'll work on that.

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