Day: April 29, 2014

  • (HQ) Coyote Kisses - Galactic Love Song [Acid Wolfpack EP], bcuz that title cracks me up

    And I'm back home already *surprise* so I need to do a reset and get my brain wrapped around my list again. Efforts to use up the food in the fridge before we leave continue with soup for to use up that last of the brats and stewed chicken. A big head of cauliflower is begging for a cheese sauce treatment. Was hoping to be able to put laundry off and catch it all up just before we go, but alas, going commando isn't an option, so that's a thing today. Excavation is scheduled for my main kitchen counter before the last of the packing happens. A nap is highly probable...

    Oh, my brain is telling me it might be happening pretty quickly. Ok, diving back into bed. I'd fight it because it's probably just the benadryl, but I imagine I'll be bouncing right back up in half an hour. I have no clue what's going on with this song. o_o

  • life in plastic

    Today is a big roller coaster, not at all unexpected on top of a big time crunch. I'm so used to last minute emergencies I don't even blink any more. I'll be soused on benadryl, as per my usual, and have my inhaler in my pocket. Breathing got a little tight in town yesterday.

    I have my brain trained to divert to amusing nonsense on days like this. This is my theme today.

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