Day: April 11, 2014

  • and it's not carpal tunnel, so don't tell me that

    Second experiment with my new pain prescription went well last night. Did you know that increasing histamine levels in the body during peak allergy seasons can spike pain levels? Yesterday was a nerve day. If you have no idea what your nervous system ringing feels like, yay! All those branches you see in pictures- your body has 45 miles of nerves running through it. And then once that starts I get super klutzy and can barely hold onto anything or use my hands, and my left eyeball feels like an ice pick got jammed in it, etc. I've dropped my phone real hard nearly every day this month, not sure how it's still working.

    I had to learn all this stuff in anatomy & fizz. (physiology)


    I am still loathe to take a pill every single day. The problem with pillz is yeah, they help me do stuff the pain level was keeping me from doing, but then I wind up overdoing because I feel like superwoman, and after the pill wears off I'm in more pain than I was to begin with. I've been on this roller coaster ride before, it's an illusion, and sure enough, this morning my wrist is a little puffy from overworking last night when I should have been in bed. BAD! I will have to walk away from the tech today if I want to be able to hold onto a fork while I'm eating later, or hold onto a pen while I address an Easter card. It's all about balance, and pills tip the balance too much. And in case anyone says this is what happens when you get older, I've been doing this particular balancing act since my 20's. I wasn't kidding when I said in other places they were scanning my brain for multiple sclerosis and checking me for ravaging arthritis when I was still just a young thang. I've been faking my way through a severe muscle condition/pain syndrome for a couple of decades, I don't feel at all cool saying this, but it's the truth and today I live with a whole lot of truth in my face. It'll be a good day to get some other stuff done.

    This vid is from facebook, thanx to Holly for finding it. If I'd had access to any kind of tech when I was younger I probably would have been all over it. One of my fave film heroes is Sam Raimi. I used to dig up all the old stuff he made before he hit big time. But back to this. I would have loooooooved pulling this on my dad....

    Been spacing out and coasting with this song in my head. It's almost that magical time of year when I was on vacation and met Dan Theologian in Dallas and then started hooking up with the Snarkalecs online while I was in Houston (proof 1, proof 2) where I saw Star Trek Into Darkness and wrote my STID movie review for syfydesigns, which has over 4200 views now. Those two weeks were the most pivotal I've ever felt in my life, and sometimes I think it feels like I've been floating ever since.

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