Day: April 30, 2014

  • in orbit all the way around

    Can this week get any longer?

    It started off with burrito's mama finding out she's got a nasty kidney infection, doc said she was a bare handful of days away from being hospitalized. It's going to be hard to leave for vacation knowing she's having such a rough week. She's been a pretty tough kid, always snapping back through stuff that knocks other people down, probably a genetic gift from a long line of hyper people, but still, *guilt*. I think they'll be ok, she's been on antibiotic since Monday, but lost so much weight I fear she may have to switch burrito to formula before we get back. Guess we'll see what happens.

    Today was really thick icing on an especially tall cake. Had my original Salter Street Lexx collection all sacked up ready to take to a safe deposit box (I always fear the worst, what if my house burns down while I'm gone, etc), was wrestling with a wonky load of bedding that kept resetting my 'smart' washer back to a pre-rinse state over and over, which I was hoping to get into the dryer before I tore out the door to an appointment. Well... AOL sent out warnings that they were compromised by the bleeding heart virus and were working with G+ and other hosts to save what they could, but strongly urging people to change passwords and security questions as quickly as possible, etc. So I dove into that, got caught in a loop that I had to fix with a master screen because their security no longer supported accounts left dangling without security questions, next thing you know I'm missing the stupid reset on the washer, jumped up to fly over to stop more water usage, knocked a full glass of water right over into the sack holding my entire Lexx collection... I was grabbing and throwing dvds and cds clear of the lake, moving like a speed demon with my laptop screen left hanging open on a password salvage while my washer filled up AGAIN... And that was just a ten minute snapshot of my day. My whole day has been like that.

    I'm currently waiting on the sheets in the dryer, here at the end of my long day. One very nice thing happened- my psychiatrist approved my request to stay off meds after I told him how I've been handling what he still thinks is surges into manic euphoria (my psychologist says I don't have true manic cycles, even with my depression) and said we can recheck in 6 months, so I'm no longer being monitored, yay!!! Both psyche guys have pretty much turned me loose because I'm getting so good at planning for and working around my head stuff. Add that to this being the first April in five years that I haven't wound up in the ER for a breathing emergency during allergy season and I guess I'm on a pretty good track not letting stuff spiral out of control like it used to. A big part of this control is going to bed. I was in bed at 7:30 last night. About the only way I get 7 or 8 hours of sleep is to conk before the sun goes down, because I'm a natural morning person and almost always up by 4 or 5, lately more like 2 since the stomach flu knocked me off my new sleep rhythm again. I've been averaging 4-5 hours a night since the puke fest started in the middle of the night on Easter, and despite how well I handled insomnia in the past, I'm crumbling now that I'm learning to sleep again. My brain chemicals are readjusting back to normal. I feel like I'm losing a super power, but I have seen how much harder and faster braining I've been able to do this last month, and I'm loving having more of my brain back. So sleeping is priority.

    So tomorrow I've got to go to town all over again, since I let the Lexx boxes air dry after I wiped them down just to make sure they're ok, and I'll wrap up a double list of errands and chores that I meant to have all done by now, too. My last day home was meant to be for packing and napping, but oh well. I've been in the car entirely too much this week, which is a bad way to start a long drive, so I'm expecting my pain level to be spiking pretty good by the time we hit Dallas. I'll be hypnotizing myself into a groovy trance to prepare. Back to classic Spock while I was writing this. The dryer buzzed, see ya.

  • when you boil it all down

    Might be having a Bradley day.


    My brain is ghandi. Oak trees, bright sunlight, nerves to my eyes pinging. My brain bailed a couple of days ago. I need guidance, and from who better than my king? He's a bossy guy.


    We're arguing about what I earn if I can get my whole list done today. He says I'm saving my money for Houston and I can't have any cookies anyway, and if I can't get motivation out of the satisfaction of a job well done then I suck.


    So I guess my goal today is not to suck. >=l

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