Day: April 16, 2014

  • Duck Lords

    I'm hoping feeling mildly gut punched is about all the further I go with this bug. Poor Scott is still suffering and recovering, not sure how he's dragging through work every day. I get weird when I get germs. When I'm not a big baby, I morph through pan dimensional idea explosions that I call going plaid. I'm normally a paisley person.

    I'm not a linear person, and I often work on several things at the same time, which alleviates boredom and prevents writer's block. Switching tracks is something I do really well in my head, but not something that translates well to 'real life'. I've got 15+ titles in the queue, one in particular is getting its own blog back after a bumpy ride. I'll be honest, my chickens were more popular than I ever was.


    Just over two weeks till we go on vacation. I'm trying to synch everything, not pick up too many groceries, sorting through the laundry and packing so all the wrong clothes won't need to be washed at the last minute, getting a box of stuff started to take to the kids, setting the bills out to mail before we go. The chickens are a problem. They've done fine in the past with an extra waterer and the feed stocked up, but the winter was long and T'Pol is taking it out on Amy, and even with extra time out of the pen and the usual quick fixes of extra protein snacks like raw burger and cat food to support their egg production spiking back up, it's staying pretty ugly. I really don't want to come home to a dead chicken and T'Pol going cannibal on me.


    But right now I've got to run into town and pick up a few things because I've slacked off real bad and our fridge is bare. I got away with it during Scott's bug, but I need to feed that boy up before we go. Can't be running out of coffee, either, that would suck mightily. After I get home, TIME TO WORK!!! >=l Many things to accomplish today.

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